logo_aboutme I was born and raised just north of Dallas, Texas. After high school, I attended Texas A&M University, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science. After choosing to pursue a career in animal medicine, I stayed on to attend veterinary school. It was during veterinary school that I developed a keen interest in equine dentistry. small_large  

After graduating from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996, I moved to North Carolina, and went to work for a large animal practice in Davie County. My duties there included all aspects of equine medicine, but it was always the dental cases that really peaked my interest.


In 2002, I left to start my own practice - one that dealt exclusively with equine dentistry. Since then, the practice has grown, adding new clients and establishing referral relationships with other equine veterinarians to provide specialized dental services.


  ncsu_eds My desire to promote the importance of equine dentistry has also led me into teaching. I teach equine dentistry at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where I hold the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor.  
  family My interests outside of veterinary medicine include photography, fly fishing, playing ice hockey, and riding my motorcycle. I live in Mocksville, NC, along with my wife, Georgia, and two young children, Bonnie and Barrett.  

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